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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mochi's Favorite Dog Toys

Mochi loves her toys. She will bring them to bed, cuddle with them, and cry for hours when they are stuck under the couch. There's a learning curve associated with finding Mochi the right toy though. Funny how dogs can have preferences. She couldn't care less for rubber toys. She loves her soft toys. Especially ones that are plushy and squeak. Unfortunately, I had to learn to get her toys without too much stuffing because she will rip their heads off in T-1 minute. I had just gotten her this all natural, organic toy that cost 3 times as much as her other toys and I kid you not, within 1 minute she tore it's head off and it's stuffing was scattered around my apartment. 

Did I do that?

So now, I pick toys that are fluffy or soft yet low in stuffing. See her top toys below!

1) She absolutely loves monkeys. I had gone through 3 monkeys (decapitated, stuffing everywhere) until I found these sweet things at PetCo. It's a monkey with minimal stuffing. The brown one has lasted months so I went and bought her a pink one as well. She loves both of these monkeys.

It's not listed on their website, but I got these from PetCo in their 2/$5 section.

2. Tennis ball. She loves her mini tennis ball because she will make it squeak forever. She's taught herself the art of self-fetch. She'll roll or throw this ball and go fetch it for herself. These come in many sizes and the x-small is perfect for her. (plus! No head to rip off or stuffing to scatter)

Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball
at PetCo.

 3. This cute little bear is also a fave. It's small and mochi-sized. She can fit the whole bear in her mouth. It also has minimal stuffing and a loud squeaker (love at first squeak for her). It also comes with a replacement squeaker as well!

KONG X-tra Small Plush Toy
at petsmart
What are your pup's favorite toys?


  1. My dog loves his Kong Wubba -- I had to get him two. Then there's this crinkle butterfly he loves. The wings crinkle and the body of it squeaks! The little bear you have, we have the duck version.

    He also loves any type of squeaky ball. Those are a bit harder though, because he gets possessive and almost aggressive with them. So we keep those to a minimal unless we're outside. :-)

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      I just googled the Kong Wubba, I need to get her one! Does it squeak?

      The little bear/duck is such a great toy! She use to have a frog but lost it at the dog park. I had to replace it because she loved it so much!

  2. HI Erica!
    Another place to get toys for cheap is Marshall's/TJ Maxx/Home Goods. I found toys that usually retail at Petco/Petsmart for approx $10-15. At Marshall's/TJ Maxx/Home Goods they were around $5.99-7.99!



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