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Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Snow!

The first snow in Minnesota was yesterday. It snowed all day so Mochi and I mainly stayed in. When I took her out to potty, her first reaction was "what the eff???" She was unsure what to do with snow and was shivering when we came in. We revisited snow today while it was sunny and she had a blast running around. She even got a bit of snow on her chin and looked like Mochi Clause.

Mochi Clause

Paw prints in the snow


  1. Fun in the snow!! Yay!!

    You look adorable!
    Thanks for joining the hop!!


  2. Hey there! We're yuki and rocket! We decided to come say hello because seems my mom has the same love of baking yummy doggie treats too!

    Yuki loves snow, Rocket has not yet seen it. You are adorable!!

    yuki and rocket



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