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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Puppy Training Tips

Time to put those delicious homemade treats to good use! I love watching this video. Mochi is only 5 months old and had started an impressing repertoire of tricks. Luckily, Mochi is a quick learner and eager to get her treat so she learned her tricks fairly quickly. I had a pomeranian and maltese in the past that took multiple sessions to learn a new trick. 

Puppy Training Tips:

1. Limit distractions. Make sure there is as little competing stimuli as possible, meaning clean up any toys and train in a smaller area with few objects and other people. 

2. Positive Reinforcement only. Puppies need a lot of positive reinforcement and conditioning. Take baby steps and reward graciously when the puppy is doing what you want. Puppies get discouraged with punishment. 

3. Patience. Puppies are babies, don't speak English and can easily be distracted. Be patient with the puppy, he/she will learn what you want with time.

4. Practice. Keep teaching the same trick over and over in 15 minute intervals (puppies have a short attention span!). Once the puppy gets the trick down, reinforce it by doing it at least 6 more times.

5. Show off.  Once the puppy has gotten his/her new trick down, perform in front of others! Get the puppy use to doing the trick in a variety of situations.


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